Resolution is a slightly different kind of software from a slightly different kind of company.

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Meet the people behind Resolution.

Resolution is the product of the skill and effort of numerous people, but it’s mostly being dragged into reality by one person… me! My name is Nate Sullivan, and I am basically a random, middle aged information worker who spent most of his career working for high-growth, venture capital funded startups, first in the Washington, DC area, and later in NYC.

(Fun fact: I’m available for projects, especially Resolution-related ones.)

I started Resolution because I had a lot of extremely practical math to do at work for things like strategy, budgeting, resource management, and no particularly good way to do them. I got pretty good at spreadsheets, but not THAT good, and eventually I had an idea to represent reality in a better, more holistic way that I was pretty sure would work as a web app.

This site is full of information about Resolution the product and examples of how to use it, so I won’t belabor that stuff here. But besides “our” software, the other interesting thing about Resolution is that it is absolutely not venture backed in any way, or really backed by anyone at all except me.

At first, you might think “oh no, what if you go out of business!”, but in reality, because Resolution has been constructed from the ground up without millions of dollars of investment capital propping it up, it’s always been designed to be cheap to run. We don’t have any full-time employees (except me), our server and cloud computing costs are low (your laptop actually does most of the work, thanks), and I can always go get a job and run this in the background.

If you’re thinking “that is a bizarre, atypical way to run a software company in 2022”, you’re probably right. But just pretend this is some weird version of 1989 except with web applications and you’ll get over it pretty quickly. The funny thing is that it’s not like I don’t know how to work at a fancy, highly capitalized startup with a large, on-paper “valuation” that is constantly seeking additional investment — that’s actually all I really know how to do! It’s just that this makes a lot more sense to me, so that’s what I’m doing.

Anyways, Resolution is both a product I have always wanted to use, and the kind of company I’ve always wished could exist. So thanks for stopping by and supporting what I’m doing. We may not have a bullpen full of machine learning experts mining your data to figure out what kind of garbage can advertisement to show you in the middle of your next YouTube video, but by gum, we’ve got some good ideas to help regular people use math and we’re gonna build them, even if it takes a while (by internet standards).

-Nate Sullivan

Proprietor & Lead Consultant