Quick introductions to some of the things you can do with Resolution, with videos and example models.

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The Coffee Shop

  • run through a quick, interactive tour of Resolution that will show you how it works
  • no building in this one, but you’ll learn how to try out scenarios
  • turn foot traffic into two different kinds of customers in this very simple model
  • great place to start if you have no idea how Resolution works
  • a digital tribute to the place where most of Resolution was designed 

Try out How Resolution Works right now (no login required.)

Keep It Simple, Stupid

"Keep It Simple, Stupid"

Avoid bad decisions with basic math and the power of Resolution.

Try out Oops, You Bought Twitter in Resolution right now (no login required.)

Budgeting (Intro)

  • starts from scratch (watch this one first if you’ve never used Resolution and need to know how to build)
  • build a high level budget you can add detail to as you go
  • tie expenditures to various outputs and work backwards from goals

ChatGPT Business Model (Intro)

  • tweak cost-per-query, pricing, and more to figure out if there’s money propping up a world of chatbots
  • included walkthrough tells you how to change stuff
  • built-in tooltips tell you how the logic works and what every part of the model means
  • 100% not generated by AI


  • build a hiring funnel and set a new hire goal
  • includes multiple candidate sources (referral, inbound, outbound)
  • add additional interviews/stages and falloff rates
  • try it out for yourself, then make a copy and add your own nuance

Try out Hiring Pipeline in Resolution right now (no login required.)

Outbound Sales Rep Time Management

  • cold calling is hard, and we often make junior people do it 
  • this model shows how to turn time into customers via phone & email
  • … all while embracing the absurdity of what can be an absurd job
  • Click here to try it out or make a copy.
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Being an Awesome Little Kid

  • my six year old daughter runs a little store on our street 
  • we built a model for her big Summer Sale to see how much money she could make in different scenarios
  • she was very eager to discuss the process with me on camera

Try out Mary’s Summer Store in Resolution right now (no login required.)

Revenue Planning

  • using a software/service company as an example, set a total annual revenue goal and figure out how to hit it
  • includes new business and renewal/upsell revenue
  • go all the way down to lead-generation and sales/marketing expenditures

Try out Revenue Planning (complex) in Resolution right now (no login required.)

User Adoption

  • product management planning model based on common goals for “creator” software
  • plug in numbers from a standard funnel report and see how much easier it is to try scenarios than with a spreadsheet 
  • check the Model Index for other product management / user behavior models

Try out Creative Product Adoption Funnel right now (no login required.)

Coming Soon!

Weighted Sales Pipeline

  • figure out weighted pipeline (i.e., sales pipeline that takes into account likelihood of closing)
  • drag and drop accounts into different levels of confidence and see numbers change
  • break down opportunities into multiple adjustable pieces (licenses, plus services, plus training fees)


  • build a fundraising plan that includes new and repeat donors
  • multiple channels (phone/email/in-person)
  • academic example with a set number of alumni