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Name (click to load) Category Author Keywords
Per-Product Commerce Model (online/in-store) Commerce Resolution products, commerce, e-commerce, sales, retail
Making Twitter Profitable Management Resolution software, social media, cost savings, growth
Account Management / Books of Business Management Resolution accounts, book of business, clients, renewals
Simple Store Commerce Resolution store, sales, retail, visitors
Simple Cap Table Management Resolution investors, equity, finance, startup
The Rest of My Life Personal Resolution life, death, time management, unyielding march of time
Cost Reduction Exercise Management Resolution savings, cost reduction, consulting, finance
User Acquisition Funnel Marketing Resolution marketing, product, software, users, growth
Sales Rep Hustle Model Sales Resolution sales, cold calls, SDR, time management
Family Reunion Planning Personal Resolution family, home, event, party, budget
Promotional Budget Marketing Resolution budget, channels, lead generation, event
Account Management Compensation Plan Management Resolution compensation, budget, pay, cost, client
Weighted Pipeline Sales Resolution pipeline, planning, opportunities, confidence
Growth Plan by Channel Marketing Resolution revenue, lead generation, channel, growth
PLG Impact Model Sales Resolution product, usage, sales, revenue, growth
SaaS Revenue Model Management Resolution sales, marketing, growth, software, users
Marketing Lead Generation Explanation Marketing Resolution tour, marketing, lead generation, MQL, SQL
Hiring Pipeline Management Resolution hiring, recruiting, growth
How Many Dentists? Personal Resolution curiosity, product management
Will ChatGPT Make Any Money? Management Resolution curiosity, revenue, growth, finance
Fundraising Sales Resolution charity, nonprofit, phone, email, donors
User Adoption Falloff Management Resolution product, adoption, users, software, revenue
User Adoption Funnel Management Resolution product, adoption, maturity, software, users
Market Sizing (complex) Marketing CEO Boot Camp planning, markets, TAM, finance, strategy
Market Sizing (simple) Marketing CEO Boot Camp planning, markets, TAM, finance, strategy
Sales Funnel (w/walkthrough) Sales Resolution onboarding, intro, sales, funnel, leads, meetings, walkthrough
Lead Generation (w/walkthrough) Marketing Resolution onboarding, intro, marketing, leads, funnel, campaigns, conversion
Budget (w/walkthrough) Management Resolution intro, walkthrough, budget, money, spend, cost, planning
Product Adoption (w/walkthrough) Management Resolution intro, walkthrough, product, adoption, users, retention, signups
Consulting Proposal Management Resolution Consulting, freelance, time management, hours, proposal
User Acquisition Budgeting by Type Marketing Resolution Users, money, advertising, segmenting, promotions, adoption, budgeting

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