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Resolution consulting makes it easy even easier.

Nobody wants to admit it, but sometimes the hardest part of building an awesome Resolution funnel for work is understanding exactly what your work is, and how to think about it.  

But never fear — that’s what I’m here for!

Unique Person + Unique Technology

The reason Resolution even exists is because I spent years at high-growth companies trying to get executives and colleagues to take a holistic, logical view of their business. 

Many of the things Resolution does well, from market sizing, to product adoption, to resource planning, are tasks and projects I was assigned not only to figure out, but to coherently explain to customers, bosses, and stakeholders. I often hand-built (much crappier) versions of interactive Resolution models to foster discussions about these issues, and ultimately share conclusions, solutions, or difficult choices.

When you combine this experience with the fact that I personally designed Resolution and am more familiar with its strengths, limitations, and possibilities than literally anyone else on the planet… well, I just might be able to help you out!

The Benefits of Model Building:

  • Alignment. Force yourself to set up shared definitions and actually use them.
  • Healthy Conflict. Find disagreement immediately, before it becomes an argument.  
  • Reduced Delusion. No more hand-waving away logic or random KPIs without context.
  • Literacy. When you don’t dump everything on some analyst,  you gain an inherent “feel” for the scale of the different parts of your business.
  • Transparency. Spreadsheets are for accounting, not strategy. Don’t count on formulas you can’t read and therefore don’t understand.
  • Speed. Have a basic model up and running in an hour, with most of the time spent thinking logically instead of building formulas.

Nobody wants your spreadsheet.

Nobody wants your spreadsheet.

Hey consultants! The same things that make Resolution fun for users make it satisfying for your clients. Poke at numbers without breaking anything! Add stuff! See how things react!

Funnels, pipelines, growth plans, budgets, cost reductions… do it all while putting your clients in the driver’s seat. Fill out the contact form below to find out how to do it. 

Let's build something.

Resolution is still getting off the ground, so I’m available to help on a per-project basis. Contact me here and we’ll talk!