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Relationships without Formulas

People often ask me for a very simple, very short, “instagram for dogs” like explanation of what Resolution is. This is a hard question to answer — and I’ve worked in product marketing for over a decade — just as it would be hard to answer the same question about a spreadsheet or PowerPoint or SalesForce or any number of things.

But, when I have to explain it, conceptually, with that level of non-detail, I usually go with something like “it’s a spreadsheet that doesn’t use formulas“. This is not entirely accurate, but it’s not entirely inaccurate either. There are many things you can do in a spreadsheet that you can’t do in Resolution; some of those you’ll be able to do eventually, and some of them you’ll never be able to do until control of the product is violently wrestled from my hands by private equity suits in some kind of quasi-legal corporate battle.

However, even at launch, Resolution DOES do a bunch of fundamental, common things you’d normally do in a spreadsheet, and it absolutely does them without formulas and (bonus!) without cells.