Onboarding, Payments, and a Shiny Model Index

Couple of big announcements here at Resolution HQ. Before handing it off to my new favorite algorithmically generated executives, I’ll sum it up for search purposes —

  1. There’s a brand new onboarding program. Just open the Scratchpad and follow the prompts for a Resolution walkthrough based on a model you can actually relate to.
  2. Payments are now working. If you need to save more than two models, and/or you want to see Resolution get better, we’ve got a solution for you. Here’s more on our thoughts on pricing if you’re interested.
  3. The Model Index has a bunch of good stuff in it, and you can search the entire thing without even opening an account. Just to be absolutely clear, the Model Index is hand-curated by me. Just because you make or share a model, it does not mean it goes in here. I have no idea what you all are creating and only post things that (a) I make, or (b) a Resolution users shares with and says “add this to the index, it’s cool!”

That’s it. Now, here’s AI-generated Resolution CTO Brian Cunningham with another important announcement.

Well said, excu-bots!