Say Hello to the Microsoft Excel Solver

No, “Iterative Calculations” is not the name of my new band Product Marketing 101 (a class I am imagining, but definitely did not actually take) says “don’t sell the feature, sell the value”. Here at Resolution, we’ve taken this to heart, drowning you with examples, use cases, and solutions to an almost comically large collection […]

Very Quickly Sketching Out User Acquisition Costs

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get Resolution to represent the most complicated scenarios it possibly can. Compared to the average user, I’m (unsurprisingly) pretty good at doing this, even if some of the results are kind of ridiculous. However, in doing so, I’ve learned that some of the biggest “aha!” moments in […]

Managing Hours & Possibilities

As mentioned earlier this summer, our CTO Brian Cunningham has decided to reassign all non-essential personnel towards “short-term revenue generation”, which means I have to go back to work to fund this incredible enterprise. Since I need flexibility to also run this high-tech side-hustle and occasionally hug my children, I’m going the contracting/consulting route. Building […]

5 Resolution Things You Should Do Right Now

(Post title inspired by 2013-style listicle clickbait. You’re welcome.) Resolution is still a very new piece of software, but it’s still the case that I’ve been working on it and thinking about it for a while. There’s a lot of stuff I want to add (and some things I want to change completely!), and if […]

Sneak Peak: Resolution Refactor

We like to stay ahead of the curve here at Resolution. So when I heard people were writing actual web applications with large language model chatbots, I spent $20 on the GPT4 version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and got right to work. Here’s a little window into today’s working session: Is this easier than working with […]

Onboarding, Payments, and a Shiny Model Index

Couple of big announcements here at Resolution HQ. Before handing it off to my new favorite algorithmically generated executives, I’ll sum it up for search purposes — That’s it. Now, here’s AI-generated Resolution CTO Brian Cunningham with another important announcement. Well said, excu-bots!

Good Goals Gone Bad

Life with Goals Like most professionals, I have been dealing with goals for most of my career. Early on, I was mostly impacted by annual goals. Later, when I got into management, everything started to revolve around quarterly goals. But those details don’t really matter — the important thing is that almost all of the […]

Resolution 1.0 Is Live

Big news! The new and improved, public version of Resolution is live and ready to use. It’s still missing some stuff (more on that in a sec) but the major improvements are up and running. Those include: What’s Missing / Immediately Next Hilariously, our biggest remaining tech holdup isn’t tech at all — it’s me […]

On Pricing & Sharing

Given that we’re approaching the initial launch of Resolution, there’s a lot to be excited about. Every feature, every capability, the simple fact that it exists, etc. etc., and so forth.

But the thing I’m the giddiest about might surprise you. Pricing!