Onboarding, Payments, and a Shiny Model Index

Couple of big announcements here at Resolution HQ. Before handing it off to my new favorite algorithmically generated executives, I’ll sum it up for search purposes — That’s it. Now, here’s AI-generated Resolution CTO Brian Cunningham with another important announcement. Well said, excu-bots!

Good Goals Gone Bad

Life with Goals Like most professionals, I have been dealing with goals for most of my career. Early on, I was mostly impacted by annual goals. Later, when I got into management, everything started to revolve around quarterly goals. But those details don’t really matter — the important thing is that almost all of the […]

Resolution 1.0 Is Live

Big news! The new and improved, public version of Resolution is live and ready to use. It’s still missing some stuff (more on that in a sec) but the major improvements are up and running. Those include: What’s Missing / Immediately Next Hilariously, our biggest remaining tech holdup isn’t tech at all — it’s me […]

On Pricing & Sharing

Given that we’re approaching the initial launch of Resolution, there’s a lot to be excited about. Every feature, every capability, the simple fact that it exists, etc. etc., and so forth.

But the thing I’m the giddiest about might surprise you. Pricing!

Resolution 1.0 – Coming in February!

(Note: Things are starting to get real, which means that after this post, I am going to shift the content here from meandering techno-navel gazing to much more of a release-notes-kinda vibe. Navel-gazing will continue unabated in the newsletter, so sign up if you’re into that.) What’s Been Happening? It feels like a million years […]

I Failed to Raise Fifty Thousand Dollars in Crowdfunding and So Can You

If you’re unaware, I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to raise $50,000 for my still-nascent (but very cool) software thing/application/company, Resolution.  It did not succeed. And yet… perhaps the REAL fifty thousand dollars were the friends we made along the way?

Relationships without Formulas

People often ask me for a very simple, very short, “instagram for dogs” like explanation of what Resolution is. This is a hard question to answer — and I’ve worked in product marketing for over a decade — just as it would be hard to answer the same question about a spreadsheet or PowerPoint or […]